Sunday, February 3, 2013

I have a dream...

I had a dream - silent yet strong..
I was scared to make it to words..
thinking it wont be a reality..
It became so strong day by day..
And one fine day,
I did give words to my dream..
Then I realized - it is not an easy path..
that I have to walk towards my dream..
Still, I do love to walk that tough path..

I love to live with that wonderful dream..
hoping it will come true one day..
I do have faith and belief in my dream..
I will stay devoted to my dream..
without expecting anything in return..
My dream itself brings the pleasure of my life..
If it comes true, I will be the happiest..
If it doesn't come true, I will still be proud..
about living in such a dream once in a life time..

And I will protect it from all external harm..
Just like a mother would protect her only child..

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