Saturday, September 10, 2011

WSO2Con2011 - Educational Value

As promised in my previous introductory blog post about WSO2Con-2011, here I am writing the follow up blog on the specialty of WSO2Con-2011 in the aspect of its educational value, in my views - as an attendee who is excited about this event that is going to happen within less than just two days.
Conference agenda is carefully organized to deliver a great value addition to your knowledge. 

Three days of key notes and tech talks are proceeded by pre-conference tutorial sessions where you will have the opportunity to get yourself equipped with the necessary knowledge in the area of SOA and on WSO2 product platform, in order to attend the conference with better preparation and understanding.

Conference is also followed by post-conference tutorial sessions on advanced concepts and topics on WSO2 products themselves and on SOA and Cloud computing to help you to dig deep into the topics of interest.

All these 3-4hrs tutorials are conducted by technology experts in WSO2 who involve in the architecture, design and development of award winning WSO2 middleware products and cloud platform.

Tutorials sessions are conducted in three tracks in parallel and the conference is conducted in two tracks in parallel, giving you the opportunity to have a wider range of selections to match your fields of interests.

Following are the tutorials sessions that I am planning to attend:
1. Practical SOA for the Solution Architect
2. Introduction to Web and SOA Security
3. Advanced Concepts in WS-BPEL
4. Introduction to WSO2 ESB for Administrators
At a glance you can get an idea about the range of topics that are going to be covered during the conference and how they are organized in different tracks from the following diagram.

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