Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WSO2 Identity Server in the SCIM Interop at Cloud Identity Summit 2013

WSO2 Identity Server is remotely participating in the SCIM Interop which will be held in parallel to Cloud Identity Summit 2013...

Following are the connection details of the publicly hosted WSO2 IS instance for this interop:

SCIM User Endpoint URL :

SCIM Group Endpoint URL :

Credentials for Basic Auth Authentication:

          User Name : interopUser
          Password : interop#321

Details for OAuth Bearer Token Based Authentication:

          Client Id : 00bZzLviiM1QOSvtFv7ZQDOWBNEa
          Client Secret : CsN87SjTCG_X9qGN6xcfwJOakrga
          Access Token URL :
          Authorize URL :

For more details, you may refer my previous posts on how to authenticate to SCIM REST endpoints via OAuth and how to consume SCIM endpoints through curl...

Please let us know your feedback...

Update on 8th July: Interop testing was performed during the week of 1st July - 5th July with selected  two partners: PingOne & Salesforce. The graphic below was designed to illustrate the WSO2 Identity Server - SCIM integration with two partners in the SCIM-Interop - CIS 2013.

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