Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hi, here I am starting my blog

During my school time, I had a passion in writing, mostly writing essays on different interesting topics. But during my A/L and university life I was writing mostly the technical related stuff like reports, assignments etc.
Now again I feel the thirst of writing on topics that I like, which can be technical, day to day experiences, imaginations etc..
Also, in my learning process I have benefited and will be benefited a lot from useful articles published on blogs. I think it is my duty to give something back too. It is interesting sharing my knowledge, ideas and experiences which I think would be useful for others. As the film "Hackers" says, I too think that the human knowledge should be belonged to the world.
Therefore all in all I would like to make this place to quench my thirst of writing as a hobby, do a contribution to the knowledge of the world from my side and share my own ideas and thoughts.

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