Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

This is an interesting and a valuable book that I have been reading these days. The tale in the book is developed around a lawyer who has run the race that everybody was running, has got tired of it and has learned the wisdom of a fulfilling and a meaningful life. Throughout the book, from all most every sentence, it pours wisdom of life into your mind. Amazing part of it is that it is the wisdom that we are aware of and that exist in this world, but was not appreciated or put into action in our lives. 
This is labled as a personal development book. But I would say it is not a traditional book that explains theories. Robin Sharma- the author of this book has made a successful effort in accompanying lot of examples and realistic techniques that we can practice to link that wisdom to our lives.
It was a really an eye opener to me, one of the best things I learned so far is to find happiness in the apparently simple things in life. 
This will be a useful handbook of life for someone with really good will power to put the wisdom brought to you in the book, into practice. Just thought of sharing... :)

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