Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's been transition time...

When looking back at the last two weeks of my life, it has been the most happening period of time and of course one of the most important periods where one chapter ended and another began.

Well..I finished my final exams in uni on 5th September which was all in all a quite tough exam that I faced in uni life. Without having some time to have a breath of relaxation, I had to prepare for the research paper presentation in CS&ES conference where the research paper of our final year project has been selected to be published, which of course an achievement to be happy of, since it was my first experience in writing a research paper. 9th of September was a special day where the CS&ES conference 2010 was held and the grand exhibition-ExMo organized by the faculty of Engineering-University of Moratuwa was commenced. 9th and 10th passed with the excitement and doing contribution towards the conference and exhibition and more importantly it was the time of saying sayonara to my university, department and the friends because those were the last couple of days we spent in uni as undergraduates. I just could not believe four years have passed so soon. With the feeling of gratitude towards all I met in my university life and who made my life more meaningful, I left the uni on 10th Sept evening.
Dawn of 13th Sept brought me a beginning of a new chapter where I first went to work  in WSO2 to start my professional career. It was a special time for the WSO2 team also, since the 5th year celebration and several other important occasions have been organized. Hence the first week at work was spent with valuable training programs and excitement of the 5th year celebration of our company.

So all in all it has indeed been a transition period of two weeks for me. :)

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