Saturday, January 22, 2011

Note of thanks...

I would like to make this post dedicated to thank who caused this blog a reality and motivated me for blogging.

First, it is from Prasad Sir (Prasad Samarakoon) that I got the idea of blogging. He shared the link of his blog which has a very nice collection of genuine thoughts. After visiting his blog and reading his posts, I was so inspired to start a blog of mine too. Thank you very much Sir for directing me towards blogging.

Though I started the blog with that inspiration, I could blog rarely because blogging somehow got to the last items of my to do list.

Then after completing my degree course, I came to work in WSO2 where blogging is highly encouraged and I was lucky enough to work under a leader who has a blog which is of course a great source of knowledge and  who motivates others to blog too. Thank you very much Prabath aiya (Prabath Siriwardana) for motivating me to write blogs.

Now I have given more priority to write blogs than earlier, specially on things what I learn new, hoping they would be helpful to someone, one day...

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