Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Remarkable IT Event - Great Source of Knowledge - taking place in Sri Lanka

A remarkable IT Conference in the IT history of Sri Lanka is going to happen with in less than two weeks..

Yes.. it is none other than WSO2Con-2011..

Why do I say so? Is it ONLY because I am an employee of WSO2? Not really...

If you have participated in WSO2Con-2010 or if you have viewed the sessions conducted in WSO2Con-2010, which are available to download, you would also second my statement... 
WSO2Con-2011 agenda has been carefully designed to cover a lot more featured sessions that will be delivered by industry experts around the world..

WSO2 has a proven history of delivering valuable, unique and quality stuff  to the community with consistency and maturity, which you might already have witnessed through WSO2 Oxygen Tank library, webinars and summer school sessions.. 

Her grand annual event-WSO2Con is the zenith of all that where she goes beyond the expectations intending to deliver an amazing experience and unique value addition to your knowledge, whether you are an expert in the IT industry, an amateur IT professional or a university student in IT...

I will talk about specialty of WSO2Con-2011 on following four aspects in my future posts:
These are the aspects that I (and anyone) would look for, in general in an international IT conference...
  • Educational value - where I can expand the boundaries of my knowledge in a field of interest..
  • Industrial value - which addresses the industrial aspects focusing the practical usage of that knowledge in new innovations..
  • Speakers - where I can listen to the speakers who are scholars and experts in the field..
  • Place of the conference - additionally if the conference location is in a fascinating environment and if there are interesting events that I could attend after the conference, that will be greater...
Stay tuned...

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