Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Implementing SCIM with Charon - Part II

We had a look at an overview of WSO2 Charon in my previous post.

Today lets go through a brief introduction of the module : Charon-Deplyment, which is the reference implementation of SCIM service provider that is shipped with Charon.

This will illustrate how any concrete implementation of a SCIM service provider can make use of Charon-Core (the SCIM API) with Charon-Utils (optional). So being the second post on Charon, this will continue the top down approach of looking at it.

As we got to know from the introductory post on SCIM, the protocol defines a REST API for user identity provisioning operations.

Hence SCIM service provider needs to be a RESTful web application. In an earlier post, I have noted down the characteristic of REST - which is an architectural style of building networked applications.

There are several ways to implement a REST style based applications - such as Servlets and JAX-RS based frameworks.

In the reference implementation of Charon-SCIM servervice provider, we have selected the latter approach since JAX-RS hides underlying HTTP handling and binds the servlets nicely to individual methods in the Java classes using annotations.  Annotations can also dynamically extract information from HTTP requests and map application-generated exceptions to HTTP response codes.

Out of the JAX-RS implementations, Apache-Wink was selected since it looks promising to cater our requirements.

The Charon-Impl module creates an Apache-Wink based web application which can be deployed in an application server like Tomcat and which acts as a SCIM service provider.

Following is a deployment diagram of Charon-SCIM service provider (the web application provided by Charon-Impl module). It also gives a high level idea on how Charon-Core and Charon-Utils modules will be utilized.

As this diagram of the reference implementation illustrates, a SCIM service provider can be developed using any REST implementation and SCIM-defined resources can be exposed utilizing the API provided by Charon-Core.

On the other hand, SCIM Consumers can also be implemented using the client API of Charon-Core.

More posts to be followed...

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