Saturday, September 17, 2011

3rd & the last day...

Just like every good thing comes to an end, WSO2Con 2011 also ended up in style and with a big success story on 15th Sept.
Here are the highlights of the day...
1) We were privileged to listen to Gregor Hohpe on "Enterprise Integration Patterns: Past, Present and Future". He is the author of the book: 'Enterprise Integration Patterns' which has become the De facto standard for EIP and ESB.
-  Messaging has been evolving from export-->import to centralized database to RPC to asynchronous messaging
-  Good side of asynchronous model:
  • Asynchrony
  • reliable - can resend messages
  • can introduce intermediaries independently
  • throughput over latency
  • throttling
- A broader view of messaging patterns with Messaging Patterns Language
  • transport messages ==> channel patterns
  • designing messages ==> message patterns
  • route messages ==> routing patterns
  • transform messages ==> transformation patterns
  • produce & consume messages ==> endpoint patterns
  • and more...
- How integration patterns expanded:
  •  by going deep on thinking about and having room for family of patterns and projecting on the platform
  • by going broad on considering other patterns such as message patterns
- Enterprise integration aspects: messaging, messages, conversations, processes, events

- Gregor also unveiled the fact that open model really works & help carving a good book where you can get lot of input from the community -good tip for authors. He also mentioned that he is working on a Conversation pattern language book which will be a good news for enterprise integration architects.

2) Maria Belkina did a very interesting session on how WSO2 products stack is being used to realize the goal of Electronic Russia -in the project "Integration Infrastructure Middleware (IIM)". It was amazing to see how well the products have being integrated in the project.
- Currently WSO2 ESB, Governance Registry & BAM are in action.. planning to use Identity Server for Single Sign On
- Reasons to select: flexible, robust, admin UI can be easily localized, easy to configure etc..

3) Last but not least, an interesting and inspiring talk has been scheduled towards the end of the conference by Samisa Abeysinghe on "Engineering to take over the world". He very nicely presented the home grown wisdom of leadership, operational model of WSO2 which has made its way to take over the world, competeing head on with leaders in the industry with in 5 years. There is a nice post written by one of my friends dedicated to this talk which you can refer for more details..

With above and many more interesting sessions, I would say One amazing team marked the successful  end of a wonderful conference WSO2Con 2011 which was a great source of knowledge and inspiration...

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