Friday, September 16, 2011

Brain storming day on SOA and Clouds

WSO2Con2011 marked its second day with greater success..

I got the chance to witness some great keynotes, tech talks and case studies on WSO2 products from different corners of the world that helped me to enhance and expand the boundaries of my knowledge and thinking.

Here I am going to note down highlights of some of the sessions that I attended...

1) Distinguished architect of eBay -Sastri Malladi discussed how/why SOA is good for your business taking an example on how eBay adopted SOA.

- Fun facts about eBay: 97 million active users, 2 billion photos, $2000 worth of goods exchanged per second, 40 billion API calls per month, > 100 billion SQL transactions executions per day..
Above implies Sastry has more than enough credibility to talk on how/why SOA for your business..

- Important note on perception about services is.. services is not just technology, it is also includes processes and people

- SOA enables following and more:
  • business agility - faster time to market, quicker responses to changes & easy integration with partners..
  • innovation - internal and external innovation
  • operational excellence -reduced cost of new feature development, reduced cost failure etc..
- According to him, typical steps on service orienting a business:
  1. do domain modelling
  2. decompose domains into components -(intersection between domains should be zero)
  3. owners and architects to domains
  4. central vs. decentral governance
  5. business, technical alignment
  6. pick correct tools
- One important note he added for solution architects/designers "..need to have the bigger picture from the beginning..."

- Continuing with the case study about eBay SOA adaption..
  • eBay exposed service API from early days of 2001
  • technology stack is a combination of home grown, commercial & open source software
  • No proprietary.. everything used are open standards..
  • evaluated many products & selected WSO2 ESB ("it rocks" in Sastry's own words..)
If you are more interested, you can read complete eBay case study

2) Interesting and rich tech talk on cloud & WSO2 Stratos followed by an attention grabbing live demo on WSO2 StratosLive were conducted by Afkham Azeez and Shankar (who are the Master architect and Master builder of Stratos, StratosLive respectively according to Samisa's blog...).

- Audience was mesmerized and entertained when the Facebook app hosted on StratosLive App Server was demoed by Shankar. (You can also try it now from the given link :-) )

3) Two interesting user/customer stories or rather case studies were presented by Nelson Raimond -Open Source Adoption in a Mexican Bank and Dmitry Lukyanov -WSO2 in Action in Alfa Bank. Rather than me blogging with my memory, let me quote some of the live tweets made by the audience in the middle of these two sessions.

If you are interested, refer to Alfa Bank case study for more details.

4) Then came the much awaited session, "Security in Practice" by Prabath Siriwardena. Many were excited about his session, knowing he is a master presenter and an expert in security.
Fulfilling everyone's expectations, he delivered a great tech talk on Security in a way that everyone understands.
One of the messages conveyed is: in-spite of all the jargon in Security space like OAuth,OpenID,SSO,STS,XACML etc.. which scare away people, if you get the security concepts right, it is easy to apply security in practice selecting the right technology at the right place.

Following is the slide deck that he presented, which he has shared on slide share.
The second day of WSO2Con 2011 was really a success with lots of brain storming sessions on SOA, Clouds and case studies.
Going in her own way, WSO2 organized a musical jam session at the end of the day to entertain the participants which also demonstrated that WSO2ers are not only techies or geeks but they are singers and artists as well..

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