Friday, April 22, 2011

Connecting to the user store of Identity Server through Apache Directory Studio

WSO2 Identity Server (IS) 3.2.0 will be shipped with an embedded-apacheds ldap as the default user store.
We may need to connect it to through a UI tool in order to browse the structure and entries, importing ldif files etc..

This simple post describes how to connect to Identity Server's embedded-ldap through Apache Directory Studio tool.

1. Download and install Apache Directory Studio from here.

2. Start Identity Server and connect to its embedded-ldap from Apache Directory Studio as shown below.
step 2.1:
step 2.2:
Fill the following details in the new connection window you get:
step 2.3:
Click Next and fill the authentication details in the next window as follows.
DN of the bind user: uid=admin,ou=system
Bind password: 'admin'.

You may skip the other steps in the wizard and finish creating the connection.
Now you can view the ldap structure of IS's default user store in the LDAP Browser window as shown below.

One tiny tip before we windup- when ever you do an update to the embedded-ldap through IS, make sure to click the 'refresh' button in the LDAP Browser window shown above, in order to observe the changes through ApacheDS Studio UI tool.

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