Thursday, April 14, 2011

SOA Security in a Nutshell

I am on my April vacation of one week. I decided to dedicate this week to learn security stuff--mainly related to SOA-security, which was my passion from university time and now I am duty bounded as well to learn them as a member of WSO2 security team. :)

During my learning process, I came across many useful and valuable articles mostly written by senior members of WSO2 security team. 

I was particularly amazed by the following presentation by Prabath Siriwardena. The flow of the presentation is fantastic which takes a reader with zero or less knowledge in security from very basics --through all the SOA security concepts --to building a real enterprise security solution using WSO2 product stack at the end. It aligns with human thinking pattern very well so that we can go through all 244 slides  at once with full concentration without getting bored at all.

Presentation is self explanatory to its max such that without speaker, we can understand everything very well. I must say it is a very creative, innovative and comprehensive presentation or rather a great source of knowledge.
Thanks a lot Prabath aiya...

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