Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wihidum -- Our Final Year Project...

After nearly a one year completing our final year research project, I thought of writing about it in my blog.

In the FYP, our research was to come up with proper communication algorithms for a hierarchy of distributed broker nodes, which acts as one unit to constitute a distributed middleware. 

Message communication was based on WS-Eventing. After researching, we designed and implemented two algorithms named tree and cluster. The respective names imply the topology that the broker nodes are arranged in the hierarchy. We also did a performance testing on the two topologies and analyzed the results in our research.

Here, I should thankfully mention the valuable guidance and help provided by two supervisors of the project-- Dr.Srinath Perera and Mrs. Vishaka Nanayakkara. I am also thankful to all the members of our team, specially Dilshan Kanchana and Chamini Hasanga for the hard work and effort put on this project. We carried out this with a team of four including me, Dilshan, Chamini and Prabath.

Following is the set of slides that I presented for the CSnES conference which is a local conference, regarding the project Wihidum.
I will upload the research paper too soon.

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